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Buyer Targeting Ai, or as we have nicknamed it “Matchmaker for New Buyers”, is a monthly subscription service that uses our Ai Leads and PPC leads within your selected Audience Size and Zip Code Area. The system only uses leads that show a desire for products from your type of business and are not existing customers. Our system assembles all the lead information and creates a custom database that is updated with new knowledge about each person daily. The system will communicate with each person individually based on the profile of likes or dislikes, recent purchases and postings on social media. The system communicates with each person with MMS Image and SMS Text on their Smartphone, Text or Image Ads on Google AdWords and Facebook, eMail or Direct Mail. You choose what communication type to use.

The system is designed to compel each person within your Audience to act on the individualized communication. This could be to use a coupon to purchase products from your store / website or use the information about your business to call you for service. Buyers will chase you instead of you chasing them.

Buying advertising is a milestone in the development of a small company’s brand. On the one hand, if you’re buying ads, you’re certainly making a bid to enter the big time. On the other hand, first-time advertisers are at risk of spending a lot of precious capital for exposure they are unprepared to leverage. If you can’t handle 150% growth over the next year why spend like you can?

How can a company advertise in a prudent manner? The good news is that the media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, creating many more options for you. Below are the most cost effective Buyer Matchmaking opportunities available.

What is the Difference Between Advertising and Matchmaking?

The difference between Advertising and Matchmaking is the equivalent of getting a large number of people together that know nothing about your business or product and trying to sell them. In comparison the Matchmaker system gets a large number of people together that know everything about your business or product, so you can start taking orders. Our Buyer Targeting Ai, “Matchmaker”, knows when people in your Audience Zip Code area are searching on the internet, talking on social media and making purchases from you competitors. The Ai “Orwell” contacts your Audience at just the right time for the person to use your coupon or show them your website or direct them to your phone number before making a purchase. Buyers chasing you instead of you chasing them.

What is Audience Size?

Think of your Audience like a jar of Jelly Beans. If you are blindfolded, and you are trying to find the jelly beans you want by reaching into the jar, mathematics tell us, the greater the number of jelly beans, the greater the chance you are going to find the ones you want. This is like trying to find Buyers in your Audience Zip Code Area. The larger the Audience the greater chance we are going to find Buyers for your products. The Zip Code Area can be compared to the size of the jar. The greater number of Jelly Beans or Buyers the greater the size of the jar or Zip Code area needed to hold them. Conclusion – make your Audience size the largest your budget can support and choose as many Zip Codes in the area you are targeting.

Why We Need Your Web-Page and You to Find Your Business on Our List

We need to know the type of business you have so we can find people for your Audience within your Zip Code Area. Our Ai “Orwell” will learn your Website, Product/Service Brochures, and Online Postings from Review and Social Media sites in order to find people needing your products. The more Orwell knows about your business the better it will locate buyers for you.

It is always a good idea to use Matchmaker to cultivate and stay connected with your existing customers. Did you know your existing customers are the biggest source of Positive Social Media? Connect with your Customers by sending coupons and explanations about new products. You are creating a giant sales force. When you subscribe to Matchmaker for Your Customers Orwell will use the information about your customers to build a much more detailed profile of your perfect buyer and then bring them to you.

Why do We Need You to Choose Zip Codes, City or States?

We use Zip Codes to help define the geographic location of your Audience. Use as may Zip Codes as you need to represent a topographical boundary of your business. If the area is very large you can use City or State Names.

What is Communication Type?

You have the choice of Communication Type that we use to connect with your Buyers.

  • MMS Image
    • Image Ads Displayed on Smartphones
  • SMS Text
    • Text Notifications Displayed on Smartphones
  • Text Ads
    • Text Announcement Seen when you Search on Google
  • Display Ads
    • Image / Video Ads Seen on Many Websites Like CNN, FOX News,
  • Email Ai Blast
    • eMail Presentation with Image/Video Showing your Product and/or Coupons coupled with a Landing Page if needed
  • Direct Mail
    • Print Ads Mailed Only to Qualified Buyers Containing Image Ads and/or Coupons

What is Social Media Defender?

Unfortunately, on Social Media and Review sites a competitor or disgruntled employee can do malicious damage to your business. This can really hurt the sales of your business from customers that rely on the review sites for purchasing guidance. We help you resolve the discrepancy with the site and encourage others to submit positive reviews and guidance.

Zip Code Map

Below are the Zip Codes around your current location. Use this map to determine the Zip Code(s) you would like to target for more Buyers. Insert the Zip Codes above in the section labeled Zip Code(s), City, State Names. Separate a list of Zip Codes with commas.
Example: 89101,89102,89109

If your area is very large you can use City or State Names instead or in combination with Zip Code(s).

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